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A Short Visit to Niagara Falls, Canada

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

There are many option to travel to Niagara Falls, I recommend to book a one-way flight from NYC to Buffalo, NY and return to New York by car (since your pickup city is still in New York state, you will avoid a fine for returning a car in different country). Rent a car at Buffalo airport and drive for 30 min to the Canadian border. When crossing by car to Canada visa is not necessary although I encourage you to check the Canadian website before you travel to avoid visa issues.

Niagra Falls, Canada

The Canadian side is much nicer than the American one, stay the night at Hilton Niagara Falls with room view of the falls. we stayed for two night and visited a small beautiful town named Niagara-on-the-Lake (30 min drive from the falls)

This year, Canada is celebrating 150 Years and one of the most famous places to visit is Fort George Historic Site. A preserved and restored military site from 1812, that served the British to fight the Americans and earn independence.

Fort George National Historic Site

The site runs by actress that act like soldiers, housekeepers and cooks from 1812, The person in the photo above actually baked a delicious cake using the fireplace!!! I highly recommend visiting this cool and unusual place.

On the way back to New York visit Finger Lakes; Magnus Ridge Winery if you're into wine tasting and Watkins Glen State Park for a short hike. Don't miss Corning glass factory along the way to New York.

Another route option is through Ithaca, a small town along the way with beautiful urban falls.

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Corning Glass Factory, NY

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