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  • Dalit Gliksman

Five Days in Puerto Rico

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

The perfect getaway weekend is definitely Puerto Rico, hopefully, they have recovered by now from the horrible Hurricane 0f 2017. Puerto Rico has the comfort of traveling in the U.S. with the vibes and food of Latin America.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Start your trip from San Juan, we stayed at Isla Verde area near the beach. Renting a car is a must and very cheap. We found a local arepa restaurant which was unbelievable and I would go back just to eat it again - Los Chamos Arepas. Wow. The best arepas you'll ever eat.

Walk the old town and port of San Juan, take a day to lay down in the sun on the beach.

Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

We booked online a ferry to Culebra Island, departing from Fajardo (2h drive) I recommend to take the early ferry and return at noon. We stayed the night at San Juan.

The Next day drive to El Yunque National Forest and hike one of many day trails. Don't miss Luquillo beautiful beach, 20 min drive from the forest.

Night Kayaking experience in Bio Bay Laguna Grande, Fajardo; there is a special phenomenon of shiny bright seaweed that glows in the water during the night. The tour departs by kayak from Laguna Grande which was a bit hard to find with google maps, and costs around $100 per person. We tried to call multiple agencies but they were all sold out. We decided to arrive at the Laguna and search for a local tour. We went on this special experience but unfortunately, we didn't see anything. Rumors says this phenomenon is fading away and some say it depends on the sky clarity. Try your luck, no need to book in advance, many agencies offer kayak guided tour near the lake.

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