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A Dream Called Cuba

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I think Iv'e never been to a place similar to Cuba, the untouched nature and culture is unusual and fascinating. Cuba has developed rapidly since Raul Castro took place, he opened the country for internet and tourism. As a tourist, you'll feel very safe and welcomed.

Havana, Cuba

When arriving in Cuba, you might be a bit shocked for a few hours, because it's different from the modern environment we are used to live in. But I promise you will fall in love with it very quickly. In Cuba, I found the happiest people I've ever seen, friendly and helpful. The public transportation between the cities is not developed enough, and the only way to travel is by renting a car or taking a shared cab 'collectivo'. The locals have their own version of Airbnb and this is a nice way to experience their lifestyle as well.

Google Maps does not work in Cuba so you should use MapMe app instead. Credit Cards use is very limited as well as the internet.

Vinales, Cuba

Welcome to Havana, the streets are colorful, the people are happy and the music is on.

I recommend booking in advance through Airbnb your stay.

“We bought in advance gifts for the local kids such as crayons, stickers, notebooks and so on. Since their regime is very strict, they have limited access to goods”

Havana; Stay at La Rosa de Ortega (Book in advance), take a tour in a retro car, it's pricy but worth the experience. Walk along the street of the old city and explore the ancient buildings, go see the sunset at the El Malecon promenade. During the evening visit Fabrica de Arte for local food and art. Visit famous Hotel Nacional and The Capitol Building. See el Cañonazo de las Nueve. And visit El Moro Catillio. Take a salsa class with the locals. Almacenes Flea Market is open during the day.

Your host can help you book a ride for our next stop - Vinales (2.5h from Havana)

Tobacco Farm, Vinales

Vinales is a small town surrounded by mountains and not too far for the beach as well.

Take the Horse ride tour to see the Tobacco fields, a small coffee farm, and caves. The next day takes a ride to the Cayo Jutias beach (1h drive) and spends the day there. The town is full of restaurants and nightlife places, I suggest El Olivo restaurant.

Ask your host to book in advance a ride to Trinidad our next stop.

Tobacco Farm, Vinales

Trinidad is a 5h drive from Vinales and my favorite place in Cuba, I would recommend staying there 4-5 days. We traveled during April, and this is the season million of red crabs are traveling from the ocean to the shore to spread their eggs. This is a beautiful site but also unfortunate since the driver had to crash many of them.

Trinidad, Cuba

The city preserved its old beautiful structures and the streets are built from stone. Take another horse tour to explore the beautiful nature of Trinidad, this time we booked a carriage after our mussels were a bit sour from our previous experience riding a horse in Vinales.

Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad has a beautiful beach as well (10 min drive from the center) and they have a scenic nightlife, Casa de la Music is the place to meet and listen to music. The rooftops of the city are full of restaurants with an amazing view.

Trinidad rooftop view

From Trinidad take a ride to Varadero, a seaside town with fancy resorts and grand hotels. Our weather was a bit windy, and the city was very different from the rest of Cuba. But for a few days of relaxation, it's the perfect destination.

The beach in Trinidad

There's no many pharmacies and grocery shops in Cuba, so I recommend to pack essential medication and other supplies. Food allergies and special dietary restrictions are not common yet in Cuba, so get prepared (:

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