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  • Dalit Gliksman

A Baltic Weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

A perfect Eastern European destination. Vilna is a must-visit city with long lasting Jewish heritage history.

The city of Vilnius is known for Its beautiful red roofs and Castles. Visit Gediminas Castle, a tower from the 14th-century. Keep walking towards the city center for St. Anne's Church and Vilnius Cathedral. Enjoy the variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops. And don't miss Gate of the Dawn located at the end of this mall street. Visit the beautiful University of Vilna and Palace of the Grand Dukes.

Gediminas Castle Tower

Visit Hales Turgus market for authentic local bakeries and home-cooking restaurants. And Benedikto Turgus Farmers Market.

Gediminas Castle Tower

A must see Castle in Vilna is defiantly Trakai Island Castle, a fairytale magical experience. Go on a day tour and explore a 14th-century stone castle.

Another stunning medieval structure you must see is The Orthodox Church of the Holy Sprit.

If you're into Jewish History trip visit Vilna's famous Great City Synagogue from 1635. The city used to be called Jerusalem of Lita. And the Holocaust Museum.

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