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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Discover the Wilderness and Epic Nature of Alaska.

Start your trip from Anchorage, 3h flight from Seattle, Washington. Not so far right?

We traveled in August and the weather was good in most parts. The southern area was foggy and rainy so we couldn't hike at all. The best thing about road-trippin' in Alaska is that the sunset around 10 PM, so you will never be worried about hiking or driving in the dark.

The accommodation in Alaska is expensive, so book in advance. We mostly stayed in hostels. Renting a car is a must.

Explore Anchorage and around; bike/kayak along Eklutna Lake (gear rental is available at the lake). Must eat lunch/ dinner at Rustic Goat restaurant.

Drive south to Seward, on the way stop for a hike at Portage and Spencer Glacier. In Seward visit the Kenai Fjords National Park and take a cruise to watch sea life at it's best.

From Seward to Valdez; Glacier cruise or Kayak is available at the lake, hike Worthinton glacier and visit old Valdez town.

“Many people imagine Alaska as a desolated and abandoned state, but it's actually very lively and vivid in the summer. The population in Alaska is around 740,000 ppl”

Denali National Park

Meeting king-size-bears is serious and common in Alaska, equip yourself with pepper gas (yes!) and a bell (?!) I know it sounds ridiculous but it worth trying.

Head north to Denali National Park, we stayed at Denali outdoor center, cute cabins with a small lake and private fireplace. Stop along the way for a flight above Denali Mountain the highest mountain the the North Pacific at elevation of 6,190m high. Only five percent from all visitors in the park get to see Denali Mountain peak without clouds surrounding it.

There are many agencies but I recommend, $200 per person.

Flight above Denali Mountain

Our next stop is Talkeetna, a small town along the way with fun vibes. For Lunch try everything Talkeetna Spinach Bread Truck has on the menu. It's going to be delicious.

Walk around town and enjoy the local crafts and shops.

Book in advance a guided bus ride to Denali National park, it's the only way to explore the park. The bus tour offers guided wildlife watching, there are many stops along the way, bring with you food for the whole day.

Recommended hikes in Denali; Horseshoe Lake Trail, mount Healy overlook trail, wonder lake trail.

Dentali National Park

Head north to Fairbanks, try your luck watching the Aurora Lights also called the Northern Light. We didn't get the chance to watch it even though the forecast was positive.

Must visit the Chena Outdoor Hot Springs pools for an evening treat. Besides that, there's not much to do around the city.

Denali Mountain Peak

If you feel brave and got time, visit the great and wild Yukon Valley.

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