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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Colorado state has chilled vibes and outstanding nature that leaves you breath taken.

Rockys National Park

Start your trip from Denver, Colorado. Explore the city, shope at 16th street mall, visit Red Rock Amphiteather. Stay at list two nights in Bolder city, (40m from Denver). Visit the town's city center, drive all the way to Nederland town and explore the area around.

Hike Flatiron Vista Park and eat lunch at Golden, an old mining town.

Flatiron Vista

“The Frozen Dead Guy Festival is an event celebrated only in Colorado, after a Norwegian citizen that wished to cryogenically freeze his grandfather back in 1966. He was granted by court and his grandfather frozen corps is been kept until today.”
Fishin' in Rockys Mountain

Hit the road towards Rockey Mountain National Park, Estes Park. Spend the day hiking and stay the night in a town nearby.

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Head to Vail, a beautiful ski town which is also fun during the summer. Keep driving towards Hanging Lake, sometimes the park is too crowded and the parking lot is full, so the entrance is blocked from the high way. Don't give up and make a turn to try again later. The hike is not too long, so noon or afternoon should be good. From hanging lake, finish your day at relaxing Iron Mountain Hot Springs - must visit and stay the night in a nearby town.

Iron Mountains Hot Springs

The next day visit Fairplay also known as South Park City - an old preserved mining town from 1882. The town is a one big museum, and half of is the actual original town as it was two centuries ago. Eat lunch at 'Park Bar' and meet the locals.

Fairplay, South Park City

Park Bar, Fariplay South Park City

If you've got more time, head the next day to Maroon Bells Park and Aspen- another great ski town. On the way back to Denver visit the Garden of the Gods for one last spot at beautiful Colorado.

Garden Of the Gods

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