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Have You Already Been to Georgia?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Welcome to Georgia; heaven of snowy mountains and endless green valley. Authentic culture, delicious cuisine and long lasting wine education. The Georgian warm hospitality makes this journey unforgettable.

Kaheti, The Wine District

The best season to visit is June- October. Start your trip from Tbilisi, the capital. Try local food such as; Khachapuri, Khinkali and the famous brandy - Chacha (careful it's strong). We stayed in Georgian-style Airbnb during the whole trip. Tbilisi is a good place to buy groceries and other necessary goods for the trip. Must of the people speaks Russian and Georgian, I don't recall speaking English. But they are SO friendly and helpful, they will find a way to speak your language.

Walk Tbilisi colorful old town, take the cable car to the ancient remains of Narikala Fortress. And climb up to see the view. Don't miss the famous clock tower.

Enjoy a local bath for some relaxation.

Kazbegi Mountain and Gergeti Church

From Tbilisi catch a Marshrutka (shared taxi) to Kazbegi (3h). Kazbegi is a beautiful town at altitude of 1,700m high. Explore town and prepare for 2-days hike to Mount Kazbegi and Gergeti Glacier ( maps, gas gear, tent, sleeping bag, warm cloths and food).

Day 1- Leave as early as the sunrise, and start climbing towards Gergeti Trinity Church (you will pass by old ladies climbing bear foot and feel bad about yourself ever complaining about hiking) approximately 12h climb up to the 'pass' where you should spend the night.

Day 2- climb up to the Meteorologic Station at altitude of 3,650m high. some choose to get back to town the same day, and some stay for another night.

There are many trails around Kazbegi town and one special place to stop on the way back to Tbilisi; a Mineral Water Natural Spring, many people stop and use this special water for healing.

In Tbilisi take the overnight train to Zugdidi (7h) and then Marshrutka to Mestia (3.5). You could also reach Mestia by flight.

Mestia, Sventi

Mestia is a beautiful town with many trails, the famous one is a 4-day trial to Ushguli.

Stay at a local guesthouse, no need for reservations. You could also go on horse riding, take the ski lift to see the view and visit Svaneti Towers.

Mestia, Sventi

On the way back to Tbilisi stop at Borjomi National Park for a beautiful hike. Stay the night at a nearby town.

From Tbilisi ride a marshrutka to Kaheti (1.5h), the wine capital of Georgia. The area surrounding Kaheti is full of beautiful Castles, Old Monasteries and Wineries. Obviously go on wine tasting tour and visit David Gareja Monastery for an amazing view of the Georgian desert. Take a one-hour ride to famous Gremi citadel (the oldest capital of Kaheti).

David Gareja Monstry

Batumi is a beautiful Black Sea coast town, a bit far from Tbilisi but optional by flight.

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