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ALOHA from Hawaii

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

A once in a lifetime paradise vacation, and one of the most rural places i've ever been. The Hawaiian life style and culture is fascinating and the nature is heavenly.

Papakolea Green Sand Beach, Big Island

Before you book your trip, make sure there is no major event taking place in the islands. We traveled in October during the annual Iron Man competition which made our stay a bit pricy.

Our first destination is Honolulu, O'ahu. Rent a car at the airport and stay at Waikiki Beach. I recommend surrounding the island by exploring different parts of the island every day. Morning culture in Hawaii is surfing, as early as the sunrise. This is your chance to take a surfing class. A recommended spot for breakfast; Arvo Cafe for Avocado toast lovers and chia bowels, Sunny Days- for fluffy pancakes and great healthy sandwiches. Must eat lunch or dinner at Moku Kitchen.

Soft pancakes at Sunny Days Cafe

“The weather in Hawaii can change multiple times during the day, rain and cloudy sky can quickly become sunny”

Drive along the island, and visit the beautiful coast. Recommended beaches; Sandy Beach, Waimanalo beach, Lanikai beach (try Kalapawai Market sandwiches)

Boydo-In Temple, O'ahu

Visit Pearl Harbor Historic Site and Boydo-In Japanese temple. The next day visit The North Shore to watch high volume waves; Ehukai beach, Turtle bay beach, Haleiwa beach. Try açaí bowl at Haleiwa bowls boot.

Pololu Valley, Big Island

The Big Island

Catch a flight to Kailua-Kona, Big Island. Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and if your'e lucky there is volcanic activity (hopefully not too active).

There are many Black Sand Beaches in Big Island due to volcanic activity. During 2018, there was a dramatic eruption that caused big damage to the island.

Kona; for a isolated beach visit Makalawena beach. For more lively beach visit Magic Sand Beach - my favorite. Eat at Randy's Huli Chicken and Ribs truck if your'e heading south.

Volcano National Park, Big Island

Drive north to Pololu Valley and hike down to the beach, stay the night at Hilo; must eat dinner or Lunch at Miyo's, a delicious Japanese restaurant(check for opening hours). A good spot for breakfast is Sweet Cane Cafe. Visit Mauna Kea mountain observation, available also at night. Our next stop is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Don't miss dinner at the park's restaurant The Rim, to observe the lava during the night.

We stayed for two nights at a local Airbnb at Pahala village. In the morning hike to Green Sand Beach; a 6k walk from the parking lot to the actual beach. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring food and water.

Visit Punalu'u Black Sand Beach to hang out with local turtles on shore.

I recommend visiting Maui for the beautiful Road to Hana trail. I used these fabulous website for information of the Islands.

Magic Sand Beach, Big Island

Black Sand Beach, Big Island

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