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Hiking in South Bulgaria

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Delicious Bulgarian cuisine, religious art and hiking mysterious mountains.

Start your trip from Sofia, visit the city's inspiring churches; Saint Nikolas Russian Church and ‪Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski which is the symbol of Bulgaria. A secret gem in Sofia is The Royal Vrana Palace and Park, where the Royal descents used to live. Take the bus to Vitosha Mountain National Park for a beautiful hiking day in nature.

From Sofia head to Sapareva Banya (3h) and spend a day at the local hot springs bath. Catch the shuttle bus to the Seven Lakes of Rila trailhead for an amazing hike. We stayed the night at Pionerska hut.

From Sapareva Banya take the bus to Dupniza (1.5h) to reach Rila Monastery a 1000-years old spiritual center with outstanding religious art. Go on wine tasting tour and stay the night in town.

Seven Lakes, Rila

Head south to Melnik Pyramids, a unique town surrounded by jagged sand mountains. Walk the central town's ally and visit the local wineries. Visit famous Kordopulov House a revival period house remain. During the summer, the town hosts the National Folklore Fair.

Stay the night in Bansko, a ski town during the winter and hiking base for Pirin (Vehiran) Mountain during the summer. There are many hiking trails around Bansko and Pirin, choose your best fit. You must try the local food in Bansko- It's delicious.

From Bansko take the bus to Plovdiv; Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city full of 19th-century mansions that are now house-museums and galleries.

Rila Monastery

Visit Plovdiv old town, and the Roman Theatre. Don't forget to buy traditional Bulgarian ceramics and crafts from local shops. From Plovdiv to Chepelare and Smolyan.

If you're into more hiking, Hike Chepelare trail (20K) and visit Smolyan town. From Smolyan head to Yagodina Caves and back to Sofia.

Melnik Pyramids

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