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  • Dalit Gliksman

How to Start Your First Organic Garden? Step One; Compost and Soil

Fertile soil is essential for the plant to succeed in growing. Just like the human body, the bigger the variety of plants you use, the higher nutrition the soil will get.

Creating fertile land takes time, don't give up and keep on nurturing the land until you get good results. If you live in a place where the land's soil is very very hard to grow such as clay soil or land mixed with construction waste. Try instead planting your plants in a large box with compost soil only.


The soil requires refreshments and air. cultivation is a way to promote and maintain good tilth. Before planting anything, prepare the land by cultivating the soil using a fork and this is also when you should mix it with compost and make sure it's pentarating in the soil. The ratio of compost per soil is 1:1.

Why Compost?

Compost is nature's treasure, it helps attract worms that are essential for the plants' survival. It improves the quality of the soil and enables bigger and healthier crops.

You can either buy compost from a local nursery or make it yourself.

How to make your own compost? buy an outdoor compost trash can and locate it in a distant location in your garden.

On my kitchen counter, I keep a bowel where a through all my organic waste and transfer it to the compost trash can once or twice a day. By doing that, you save 30% of food waste!

What to throw in the compost bin?

Add any organic waste; vegetables, fruits, and eggs shells.

Try not to through too much citrus peel since it's very acidic and not as good for the soil.

Meat and chicken waste are not recommended in the compost.

Once in a few weeks add dry leaves to balance the moisture in the bin.

The waste in the compost will go through a fermentation process, which takes up to six months. later in the process, you should stop adding new waste to the bin and let the compost dry until you can use it in your garden.

This is a learning process, and I think there are not too many mistakes you can do here so no worries.

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