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The capital of Turkish culinary, colorful and modern. There are so many neighborhoods to visit, my favorite ones are:

Kadikoy; book your stay at Kadikoy, a neighborhood with young vibes, night life and so many restaurants to try. Almost any dish you'll try will be delicious, but I choose one place we loved- Ciya Sofrasi famous for it's well know chef Musa Dağdeviren from Chef's Table. The restaurant offers oriental Turkish food in average prices, no need for reservations. For local sweets try Asi Kunefe or Beyaz Firin for local pastries. Visit the fish and vegetables market.

Eminonu; the next day take the ferry to visit the famous Hagia Sofia Cathedral that used to be a Greek church and converted to a mosque in the Ottoman Empire time. and spend the day at the endless market of Istanbul; Misir Carsisi, and Grand Bazzar. The market offers almost everything you can think of, I recommend buying wood products and crafted seagrass baskets which is sold in very low prices.

Kuzguncuk, Istanbul

Spend the next day at Galata and Karakoy neighborhoods; start walking towards Galata Tower, enjoy the shops and restaurants on Istiklal street all the way to Takasim Square. Take a bus or keep walking to Dolambahce Saray (palace) for an outstanding glimpse of the wealth of the Turkish emperors.

My favorite neighborhood in Istanbul was defiantly Kuzguncuk, bohemian and modern with livelihood Istanbul scene. The best way to get there is with a shared taxi from Takasim sq. or a bus from Kadikoy or a ferry that goes to Kuzguncuk. Then walk or take a two stops bus to Icadiye street. Follow the colorful narrow streets, enjoy the best coffee in the world and meet the locals. Try Cafe Mayadan for delicious home made baked goods and don't miss Kastamonu Koy Pazari; a local farmer with variety of fine must-have Turkish cooking ingredients such as hand crafted pomegranate syrup, special spices and more.


For advanced travelers, or if you got time take a ferry to Buyukada Island [90 min]. Away from the crowd, the island offers a magical trip to a place with historical beauty, colorful streets and art culture. In the summer days, visit the beach, rent a bike and ride to the top of the island. Eat breakfast at Bahçede Sinek Cafe or try Ada Kahvaltı. Eat like local and buy home made pickles from the peddlers vendors. Visit the historical mansions neighborhood- Nizam. Don't miss Aya Yorgi Church on the Aya Yorgi Hill with scenic view of the island. Eat lunch at Yücetepe Kır Gazinosu.

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