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Okinawa and the Southern Islands of Japan

Updated: Mar 14

Catch 2h flight to Naha, Okinawa. Naha is a bit grey and feels like an out-dated city, I don't recommend staying there at all. But the islands around are magical; Book in advance a ferry to Zamami Island. [resrvation is available up to 23 days before the departure date]

Zamami Island

The ferry takes around two hours. We stayed at the Kerama Hotel. Note that the hotels in Zamami are a bit old and old fashioned, but this is the magic of the Island. The hotel run a shuttle so don't worry about transportation in the Island. I would recommend 3 nights stay. First stop - Furuzamami Beach.

Furuzamami Beach, Zamami, Okinawa

The next day visit Ama beach, which is also beautiful and crystal blue.

A great sunset location is Chishi Observation Deck or sunset Sup surfing in the local beach next to it. Book your guide through GOOD DAYS STANDUP.

Chishi Observation Deck, Zamami Island

Sunset Beach, Zamami Island

Few more recommended Islands are Miyakojia which is a bit far, Kumejima and Nagannu Island. We headed back to Naha and toke to bus to Onna Village [car rental is also available if you prefer]. Stay at beautiful Moon Beach Hotel, and book through the hotel a cruise to Yojima Island. A nearby private Island with sport activities available such as snorkeling, kayak or sup surfing.

Moon Beach Hotel, Onna Village, Okinawa

Moon Beach Hotel, Onna Village, Okinawa

Visit Yomitan Pottery Village for local hand made ceramics [accesable by local bus] next is Zakami Castle Ruins. Eat lunch at Green Leaf Cafe and watch the sunset at Cape Zanpa Lighthouse.

Yomitan Pottery Village, Okinawa

Yomitan Pottery Village, Okinawa

Yomitan Pottery Village, Okinawa

The next day, drive north and visit Cape Manzano and Nabee Beach [accessible by local bus].

If you're traveling by car keep driving to Nakijin Castle Ruins. Visit Sesoko Island and Minna Island.

Cape Manzamo, Okinawa

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